Accept Bankcards

 Pennies Matter?

Bankcard acceptance is a highly complex and costly variable expense for merchants.  It’s not a simple 1-rate billing model proposition.  There’s a lot to consider when it comes to controlling these expenses.  Look at the facts:

  • Payment acceptance fees are the 3rd largest expense for small business in America.  For example, Starbucks spends more on payment acceptance fees alone than they do on coffee beans!
  • Approximately 83% of all merchants are paying higher fees than their initial quoted rates.
  • Merchants on a 3-tier billing model (the prevailing model in the US) routinely pay about 32-basis points (1/3%) more than they would on an interchange pass-thru billing model.
  • Merchants pay as much as 10% on AUTH attempts that didn’t even result in a sale!

Many Merchant Service providers promise guaranteed savings on payment expenses.  EIRTH estimates that 95% of the businesses in American don’t understand all the complexities involved in payment processing/acceptance fees and end up paying more than they should and more than they need to!

How We’re Different!
Our partnering approach, transparent business model and processing solutions are built on the key principal of saving you money.


  1. We set you up on an “Interchange Pass-through Billing Model”.  It’s the most transparent.  Interchange rates are published online making it easy for you to substantiate the rates you paid.
  2. We qualify transactions properly so you can mitigate downgrades and unnecessary processing expenses.
  3. We consult with you to prevent chargebacks, so you avoid costly expenses while maintaining compliance standards.
  4. We assist you in winning Representments.
  5. We have no term contracts and no exclusivity.  We want the chance to earn your business every day.

EIRTH is here to guide you through the challenges and frustrations surrounding payment acceptance. Contact us now before more of your pennies turn into more dollars that are flying out of your registers.