About EIRTH Systems : Smarter Payment Acceptance

EIRTH is a technology-centric payment processing company. We were founded by a group of leading industry professionals to provide smarter solutions for all merchant payment acceptance needs.

Technology is the key that unlocks your sales opportunities, and innovative tech solutions are our central focus. With that focus, EIRTH has built a world-class, single-source processing platform.

EIRTH has simplified credit and debit card processing for domestic and international banks, merchants and resellers. We offer a single point of entry and access regardless of your physical borders, currency types or language.

EIRTH was designed to be the only payment platform you will ever need. From startups to heavyweights, and every business in between, EIRTH works.

EIRTH’s robust end-to-end services include:

  • Support for 167-currencies & 44-languages
  • Multi-currency (MCC) & Dynamic currency conversion (DCC)
  • Transaction authorization/capture and settlement/clearing
  • Merchant Accounting & Reporting
  • Underwriting Review & Approval, including auto-underwriting
  • Dynamic transaction reporting
  • New Account Set Up & Boarding
  • POS Systems Set-Up & Technical Support
  • Fraud & Risk monitoring and management
  • Chargeback processing (dispute & resolution)
  • Reseller reporting
  • Payment Gateway services
  • Compliance

Contact EIRTH at info@eirth.com or 702.608.5939 X2002